Don't forget to live

We procrastinate. We are all waiting for something. Saying it's too early or too late, too young, too old, too ugly, too fat, too... excuses, excuses every day, every time we are in front of something we really want, we stop. We understand that life doesn't end now, we can do it tomorrow, and like this every day. A continuous cycle of waiting and procrastinating that we call life.
We always want to be the opposite of who we are in order to achieve something, but the weird thing about these excuses is that when we get there, we say that we should have acted when we were in the previous state.

One of the phrases I've personally used and I've heard so many times while traveling is "see you again". Just because we think that this last time is not going to be the last. We do not truly live in that moment, we don't say the words we want, we don't act as we really feel.
Keeping in mind the only thing we actually possess: the present, and quitting on waiting for a better time, is the best thing you can do for your life.
Because in the end it's better to die when you want to live than to live until you want to die.

Irina Catarau

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