Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending he turned into a butterfly

Darkness, pain, insecurity, struggle.. the life doesn't go always as we wish or plan. Even if we try to predict, to smooth it, our story is always about a mix of feelings, events and emotions.

Living in a digital era doesn't help. We easily got used to having everything quick. And if having quick answers to our questions it's ok, pretending quick friendships, quick love, quick relations it's not. Beautiful things deserve time and hard work. The lack of patience (the illness of our generation), dedication and persistence can lead to depression, darkness, low-quality love and friendships.

It's important to keep going, even when you think that is the end. In the same way, muscles first, have to be damaged and repaired to become stronger you need be broken and then to build yourself back up in order to feel and understand your personal power.

Be patient, keep your integrity, your reputation, your life mission. Keep being motivated no matter what your laziness, your fears or the "comfort zone" version of yourself says.

PS. last but not least, passing through life, never lose the spark in your eyes - the only thing that doesn't age.

Irina Catarau

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